Thursday, March 30, 2017

(Not) Wednesday Word Count

Word Count Goal: 2000

What am I working on?

A ton of different things. I worked on my book a bit. I was inspired in class on Monday and wrote the first episode of a podcast that hopefully I'll record this weekend. And a bunch of other random things.

How do I feel about this process?

It was a really productive week. I had a lot of ideas and was genuinely really inspired to write. So that was really nice. I've decided to make a goal for myself that I'm going to try to write every day of April, and this week made me think I could actually do that.

Total Word Count: 6743

What am I reading/experiencing?

The 20 Master Plots (which has been really interesting so far). Also the Netflix show Grace and Frankie. Season 3 just came out and I've had fun binge watching it.

Thursday, March 23, 2017

100 Word Stories

I found this exercise once in a writing book (I don't remember which one) and I've written quite a few since. The idea is you pick a random word and then write a 100 word short story based on it. It's a really fun way to practice word choice. I like it because it really makes me question the purpose of every single word I'm using. So, here are some of the ones I've written. Enjoy!

                                                                                 Things in the Dark          

My breathing echoes in the darkness. I’m sure that someone can hear it. If there’s anyone in the dark besides me, which I doubt. No one else is that stupid. Just me. I reach my hands into the blackness, searching for the wall. Nothing. Then, my fingers find something. It’s slick with goo. I shudder, yanking them back.
         For a moment I stand in the dark. Blind. Shaking. Then I reach my hands out again, needing to feel something besides the dark pressing in on me. But I can’t find anything. Whatever I had felt is gone. Something else’s here.

Miss Adams

“Miss Adams, have you been taking your pills?” asked the doctor. The sticker on her shirt said her name was Ashley Philips. The old woman looked up, suddenly furious,
         “Of course I haven’t! Those things’ll kill me before the pneumonia does!” 
         The doctor pursed her lips, “We’re only trying to help you Miss Adams-” she began.
         “Then help me by minding your own business and leaving me alone!” shouted the woman heaving herself up from the couch and making for the door.
         “Wait! Miss Adams! Your pills!” shouted the doctor behind her.
         “To hell with them!” 
         The appointment was over.

The Sixtieth

         The old man drove his car along the road. It was full of potholes and bumps. Pebbles kept flying up around him. He pulled his car into a small, unpaved parking lot and climbed unsteadily out. He took a bouquet from the passenger’s seat and walked into a small cemetery. He placed the bouquet on a grave that had wilted flowers already on it.
         “Look Dolores,” said the man, “I brought you something special for our anniversary. It’s our sixtieth today. I was tellin’ Sam yesterday not everyone makes it to their sixtieth.” He turned to leave, smiling,
         “Happy anniversary”


The hall seemed to have stretched itself out impossibly long. Marco could’ve sworn that it hadn’t always been this long. Faces glanced at him as he walked by. Then they ducked back behind computer screens. They all knew why he was walking down the impossibly long hall. His breathing was heavy and his heart pounded. Finally, he reached the end of the hall. He stopped before his boss’s office, his arm raised to knock. Black smoke poured out from beneath the door. He dropped his fist against the wood. The sound echoed against the moans and screams. The door opened.

Thank You

She found him squeezed into a nook behind the boathouse. The note that had told her to meet him there was crumbled in her pocket. He grinned when he saw her and moved over to make more room.
         “Do you have it?” he asked excitedly.
         By way of answer she held out the book she’d stolen from the library. His attention immediately turned from her to it as he flipped through the dusty pages. He’d forgotten to say thank you. He always did. She watched his quick, eager eyes scan the words and smiled slightly. She knew what he meant.


The man didn’t turn to face the owner of the shaky young voice. Too young.
“Yes Private.”
“The backup just called. They won’t here in time, sir.”
The words seemed to echo around the room.
When the man said nothing the young voice spoke again.
“Sir, we’re almost out of ammunition. We won’t last the night without backup.”
“Yes.” The man finally turned.
“What should I tell the men sir?”
The man looked down at the pictures he’d received yesterday. The pictures of a baby that had just been born.
“Tell them to write letters.”
More echoes.
“Yes sir.”

Wednesday Word Count

Word Count Goal: 1000

What am I working on?

I finished a screenplay that I've had on the back burner forever. I've also been writing a couple random scenes that have been floating around in my mind for a while now. I have no idea if they'll ever actually be apart of anything, but I wanted to get them down on paper.

How do I feel about this process? 

I felt really good over break and I got a lot done. I haven't been as good since school started. I have to relearn how to budget my time.

Total Word Count: 3026

What am I reading/experiencing right now? 

I finished Maus (which is a very odd book with a confusing ending. I literally thought that someone had torn out the last couple of pages from my copy. There's no ending; it just stops). I also have been listening to the Welcome to Night Vale podcast a lot. The 100th episode is so good I can't stop listening to it.

Wednesday, March 15, 2017

Wednesday Word Count

Word Count Goal: 1000 words

What am I working on?

Way too many things. My book, an old screenplay, the latest writing experiment (which hopefully will be done by tomorrow)

Total Word Count: 1932

What am I reading now?

Maus: A Survivor's Tale by Art Spiegelman

Thursday, March 9, 2017

Wednesday Word Count

Word Count Goal: 1000 words

What am I working on? 

Mostly just random pieces of writing. Most of my bigger projects are on a temporary hold right now because life is so busy. 

Total Word Count: 1002 (barely made it) 

How do I feel about this process? 

Pretty good. I haven't be writing too much just because I'm really busy, but break's next week, so I'll have way more time then. 

What am I reading now?

Nothing currently. I just finished Wicked and am searching for a new book. Any suggestions?

Monday, March 6, 2017

Very, Very, Very Late Wednesday Word Count

Word Count Goal: 1000

What am I working on?

Mostly my book, and a lot of essays and other school related things.

Total Word Count: (as of last Wednesday) about 800ish

How do I feel about this process?

Kind of frustrated to be honest. I haven't had that much time recently (which is also the reason I forgot about this so thoroughly) so I don't really feel like I'm getting as much done as I should. I'm also thinking seriously about making a weekly reminder for this class.

What am I reading now?

Wicked by Gregory Maguire